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RENEW NOW! Call US! All of our online courses and study material may be viewed 100% online without downloading anything! Everything is completely Mobile Friendly, including tests. All courses have an optional PDF File! Save Your Test and Come back later! Take ALL 12 Massage CE |CEU hours Online in Texas with CE MASSAGE®, Texas Provider CE1634, OR use CE Massage® Live Search for Local “Hands on” Classes; Find Live Class Providers that teach Live Contact Hours (actual hours in class).

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CE Massage offers more than what you might think...


Like appointment software, online courses and live class searches

Spa and Clinic Live Massage Continuing Education Classes

Search for live classes near you!


We offer a unique platform for continuing education providers to offer you the live classes you need or want!

Manage Your Clients with Online Appointment Book Software

Online courses for massage therapists

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Instant Certificates

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and accepted by the majority of states!

Massage Therapist Online and Live Massage CE |CEU Classes

Appointment Scheduling Software

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Automatic Client Reminders...
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You can use it for phone scheduling...
Affordable, Easy & Great!

Online Massage CE Courses

CE Massage offers a wide variety of online courses for massage therapists! With instant access, instant certificates and live customer support you are sure to find what you need.

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Live, In Person Classes

CE Massage is a platform for live, continuing education providers. Students can search, find and register for continuing education classes near them!

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Scheduling Software

CE Massage offers appointment scheduling software for massage therapists and like professions! Keep organized and grow your practice! Completely mobile friendly!

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About CE Massage Online Courses


CE Massage has been trusted by tens of thousands of licensed massage therapists for their renewal and appointment booking needs!

Toll-Free Phone...

We offer Monday through Friday toll free phone support for customer questions, renewal answers and ordering. 1-855-586-9053

Save your Exam

When taking an online exam with CE Massage, you can save your exam and come back later! That means no more lost time!

Mobile Responsive

Our entire website is mobile friendly so you can easily take exams from any device, anywhere.


CE Massage is affordable! Unlike many of our competitors, CE Massage strives to provide the best service at the best possible rate!

100% Online

Nothing to download! View your course and exam on any device! All courses come with an optional PDF file download to view and print.

Live Class Searching

At CE Massage, we have created a platform for other continuing education providers to list all of their live classes for you to search and find!

CE Massage offers online courses, but CE Massage Live is for those seeking to find the live hours they need or desire.

Why Choose CE Massage

Affordable, Fantastic Pricing on everything from online courses, Live Classes Platform, to scheduling and booking software.

Our revolutionary online software enables you to View your study material, View your questions, Use the Reverse and Fast-forward features in your account, and many more time saving features!

We Provide:

  • Massage Continuing Education for NCBTMB, Board Certification, and Most States.
  • Completely Online Mobile Friendly Massage CE Courses.
  • Live “Hands On” Class | Course Search by City, County, and Zip Code.
  • Hundreds of websites across America working together for your benefit.
  • Live Provider Information on location, what to bring, cost, clothing, when to bring a partner, approvals, and many more advanced selection features!
  • Online Appointment Book Software to manage your clients and your business.
  • Live Providers and Appointment Book subscribers receive Internet Exposure and SEO for Social Media.
  • Free CE Massage account creation

Affordable, Fantastic Pricing on our wide selection of online courses.  Our Online Courses allow you to “View” the course study material and complete your CE HOURS without downloading anything if you don’t want to! Slow internet connections are no problem! Each course has an optional PDF File that you can download, but is not required.  Get up to 200+ continuing education hours, all right here online! You can start an exam, use the SAVE feature and come back up to one year later to finish your exam. Fast Forward through questions with a breeze! Most of our massage CE competitors require multiple logins, downloads, and hassles. With us it is easy and hassle free.

Need Live, In the Classroom, Hands on, Massage Continuing Education? CE Massage® provides services, including a selection of LIVE Nation-wide Providers that teach Massage Continuing Education in each city across America, physically in the classroom. Use our Software as a Service to locate, find, and schedule your next "Hands On" Training at the lowest possible price with LIVE continuing education providers nationwide. Know where to go, what to bring, if your courses will count, and what to expect! Don’t be surprised again.

No waiting on mail or email approval. Free account creation at any time. Taking our Massage Continuing Education Online Courses is a breeze! Our State of the Art Technology enables you to take all of your CE or CEU hours electronically, avoiding panic and frustration that you get with other providers. All of our websites and courses are Mobile Friendly, completely viewable online, responsive, and are updated often. Whether you are renewing and need more hours to renew for Board Certification, or renewing your State License, we have you covered!  We take your education, license renewal, and business seriously. We are affordable and available for Schools, Organizations and Corporations with numerous therapists.

We also have our own Appointment Scheduling Software Online, Software as a Service (SaaS), to help you get and manage your clients online, in most states including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

CE Massage® provides Massage Therapists with exceptional online, home study massage continuing education with state of the art software. With us, you have instant access to courses, receipts, and exams on your computer or mobile device. Upon successful completion of your course(s), you will have access to instant certificates and transcripts, all printable and stored within your account. Everything is very simple and user friendly, with personal user accounts that you can edit at any time. Getting your Massage CE's have never been easier or more convenient. We are available by phone or online chat Monday-Friday. Search and order Now! We are NCBTMB Approved Provider 451576 and are accepted by the majority of states. With our online courses you can complete your courses around your schedule! CE Massage® is a premier leader in the massage continuing education industry with tens of thousands of licensed therapists using CE Massage® courses to renew their individual State licenses and National Board Certifications. Why wait? Get your license renewal requirements TODAY!

With each online class you have one year from purchase date to take exams.

Call us Mon-Fri at 1-855-586-9053 or visit us at

We have been trusted by tens of thousands of licensed massage therapists for their online continuing education as well as our appointment scheduling software. We also offer an online platform for other continuing education providers to list their live, in-person classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our Testimonials

These are just some of the testimonials we have received. Testimonials, case studies, and examples found at our website(s) are exceptional results; do not reflect the typical purchaser's experience. View all Testimonials

"Joanna was FANTASTIC! OFFERED information instead of me having to painfully extract it (as I typically have to do with other companies...) And is able to help me when I have the time, instead of changing my schedule around. Very appreciated!! Looking forward to working more with your company in the future! ..."

Jennifer C. from Virginia

 "...That was terrific service!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! I will tell my Association HOW impressed I am. Holy Cow!!! I did it all from chat!!! How cool is that?? LOL. Thanks SO much for the HELP and the discount! YOU ROCK!!...Wow! It was FAST!! Thank you so much Shay. I am giving my Association , RMTA in Alberta notification on your amazing excellent service. Your service ROCKS!!!"

Marie from Alberta Canada

 (Shay) "On this my day of procrastination she was most helpful. As nothing was going correct and she pretty much made magic so I can keep my license and continue to work. PLUS she got me a coupon. Thanks"

Sacia from North Dakota

"I would like CEMassage to know how amazing one of your employee's is!
Her name is Shea. I feel like EVERY time I talk with her, it's as if I'm her only customer. She is very friendly, up on my account, (which I'm not the best about!) She is very informative about suggestions on what my State & NCTMB requirements are and so helpful.
Because of Shea, you will continue to get my business and of course I will continue to recommend your courses.
Again, I can't say enough how much I appreciate Shea and how helpful she has been.
Ps. I hope you share this with her. In today's world it seems we hear more complaints than praise and I want her to know I think she is awesome!"

Susie from Missouri

"I just wanted to give my gal a mention, Shay D has been just perfect while trying to get ahold of me to see if I wanted to get on my CEU hours. Most of the time I was out and about or working when she called but when she said she would call back she actually did! Her personality is delightful and honest and I just loved her! Such a pleasant experience from her, she made everything fast and easy for me...I wanted to thank her for such a super job that she did representing CE Massage!"

Brooke from Arizona

"This was a wonderful experience. Shay was on the ball and had all of the answers before I even asked. She is the type of person that makes this experience a real pleasure!! ...

Deborah from Maryland

"Thanks a bunch, Shay.  Got them printed and sent off to the AL MT Board. Had a great time taking these courses. They're great!"

Esse from Alabama

“Wanted to let you know that I was able to use some of the info from the headache course recently, as someone came in w/ a migraine... I would have used some inappropriate treatment (bringing more circulation to the occipital area) if I hadn't taken that course!  I might previously have not asked the client what type of headache she had, either, so it was doubly helpful to me and to the client 🙂

I think I have been doing a better job with prenatal massage as well, since taking your pregnancy massage course.

Not sure whether I have had any PTSD clients (they haven't said they were at least), but I have had a few that suffer from vertigo and/or claustrophobia.  They usually request to have something under their neck while supine or have the fan blowing on their face, or both.  For one person, I raised the head of the table and kept the lighting a little brighter, which seemed to help….”

Peggy from Delaware

“Please forward my message to whomever needs to read.

I just want to give a BIG thank you to Amanda, and anyone else who has corresponded with me over email with my questions.  Everyone was very customer service friendly concerning the email transactions and Amanda, especially, your help over the phone.

I appreciate this website very much and the courses that have been offered.  It has helped me tremendously with getting credits throughout my 12 years of practice.  And saves me time.   Your prices are affordable and thank you SO much for allowing us to break down the courses to share.  Bless you!”

Deborah from Pennsylvania

 “Thanks, Brandi!  You ROCK! Lol I have already referred your classes to my coworkers and LMT friends!”

Rachele from Florida

CE Massage is trusted by tens of thousands of therapists!

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